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Temagami, Ontario: Canadian History in Vintage Postcards

Temagami, Front of Playing Card, c. 1901-1905

Highlighting in vintage postcards the history of towns and townships in the greater Lake Nipissing and Lake Temagami areas of Northern Ontario, Canada, including the Nipissing District and portions of the Parry Sound district which are in the “Blue Sky Region.” These Canadian postcards are shown in digital, virtual museum format for educational purposes. If you have images or historical information which you’d like to share with our virtual museum, feel free to do so. To navigate these pages, mouse over the top navigation bar. Drop-down menus will appear of the areas of interest. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Close the larger image before opening another thumbnail. The occasional duplicates for sale can be found using the search box on the main (home) page of

Temagami, Back of Playing Card, c. 1901-1905
Front of Grand Trunk Railway Souvenir Playing Card Box, c. 1901-1907

The handsome playing cards seen above came in an equally handsome late Victorian box. Richly embossed in gold lettering and graphically striking, the gilt-edged cards were intended to promote the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) and Canadian travel. Each card depicted a different scene along GTR routes from the Atlantic Ocean to the head of the Great Lakes. The playing cards were manufactured by Chas. Goodall & Son, Ltd. of London, England.


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Amich Lodge

Temagami, Amich Lodge, c. 1940s Temagami, Amich Lodge Dining Room, c. 1940s Temagami, Amich Lodge with Signs for the Dining Room and Loom Weaving Temagami, Amich Lodge Aerial View Temagami, Amich Lodge Diving

Bambi Lodge

Temagami, Bambi Lodge 1 Temagami, Bambi Lodge 2 Temagami, Bambi Lodge 2

Camp Acouchiching

Temagami, Camp Acouchiching Main Lodge Temagami, Camp Acouchiching Lodge Interior Camp Acouchiching and the Tempagmi Fur Company, Pre-1922 Temagami, Camp Acouchiching Fishing Temagami, Camp Acouchiching Cottage and View
Temagami, Camp Acouchiching Lodge, Postmarked 1939 Temagami, Camp Acouchiching Aerial 1 Temagami, Camp Acouchiching as Seen from Lake, 1933 Temagami, Camp Acouchiching Aerial 2, 1953 Temagami, Camp Acouchiching, Gone Fishing in a Float Plane, c. 1950s
Temagami, Camp Acouchiching, Indian Guide and Guest, c. 1920s

Camp Chimo

Temagami Camp Chimo Lodge Temagami Camp Chimo Fireplace Temagami Camp Chimo Harvard, Yale and McGill Pennants Temagami Camp Chimo Lodge Entrance Temagami Camp Chimo Dining Hall
Temagami Camp Chimo Canoe Dock Temagami Camp Chimo Lakeside Temagami Camp Chimo Cabins and Aerial View Temagami Canvas Cabins at Camp Chimo Temagami Camp Chimo Fishing Trip 1
Temagami, Camp Chimo Fishing Trip 2 Temagami, Camp Chimo View of Islands Temagami, Camp Chimo Black Bear, Postmarked 1954 at Camp Chimo Temagami, Camp Chimo Fishing Temagami, Camp Chimo Aerial
Temagami, Camp Chimo, Path to Lodge Temagami Small Cabins at Camp Chimo Temagami, Camp Chimo Aerial Temagami, Welcome to Camp Chimo, c. 1929-1940s

Camp Cochrane, first known as Camp Temagami — was associated with Upper Canada College in Toronto.

Camp Temagami, 1906 1 Camp Temagami, 1906 2 Temagami Camp Cochrane Aerial
Temagami, Camp Cochrane in the Winter and in the Summer, Real Photo, Postmarked 1931 Temagami, Camp Cochrane Black Bear Cub Mascot, c. 1924 Temagami, Camp Cochrane Mascots  

Camp Eucaroma

Temagami, Camp Eucaroma 1 Temagami, Camp Eucaroma Tents Temagami, Camp Eucaroma Luggage Label from Timagami Boat Co. Temagami, Camp Eucaroma 2 Temagami, Camp Eucaroma 3
Temagami, Camp Eucaroma 4 Temagami, Camp Eucaroma Lodge Temagami, High Island at Camp Eucaroma Temagami, Camp Eucaroma Dock Temagami, Camp Eucaroma Bridge and Canoe, c. 1930 Real-Photo Postcard
Temagami, Camp Eucaroma, Cabin and Porch, c. 1922

Camp Keewaydin

Temagami Keewaydin Camp Temagami Keewaydin Children Moose Eating Lily Pads and Cattail Roots at Camp Keewaydin in Temagami, Ontario Temagami Keewaydin Overview 1 Temagami Keewaydin Camp Manitou Lodge
Temagami Keewaydin Dress-Up
Temagami, Steamboat at Keewaydin Camp Temagami, 1910 Campers in Indian Costumes Temagami, Steamboat at Keewaydin Camp Temagami, Camp Keewaydin Baseball Temagami, Camp Keewaydin Tennis, c. 1948
Temagami Toyland at Keewaydin Camp Temagami, Tents at Keewaydin Camp, c. 1938

Camp Ojibway

Temagami, Camp Ojibway Overlook Temagami, Camp Ojibway Cottage Temagami, Camp Ojibway Temagami, Camp Ojibway Dock
Temagami, Camp Ojibway from the Water 1, c. 1945-1949 Temagami, Camp Ojibway from the Water 2


Camp Wabikon

Temagami, Camp Wabikon Aerial View 1 Temagami, Camp Wabikon Aerial View 2 Temagami Camp Wabikon Lodge 1 Temagami Camp Wabikon Lodge 2 Temagami Wabikon Tents 2
Temagami Camp Wabikon Dock at Main Lodge Temagami Camp Wabikon Sleeping Tents and Cabins Temagami Camp Wabikon Diving Tower Temagami Camp Wabikon Beach 1 Temagami Camp Wabikon Lodge Porch 1
Temagami Wabikon Sunset by Barker Temagami Camp Wabikon Cabin View Temagami Camp Wabikon Lake Trout Laura Orr, Manager of Camp Wabikon, with Her Mother, c. 1922
Temagami Steamer Belle at Camp Wabikon Temagami Camp Wabikon Millionaire Row Temagami Camp Wabikon Porch 2 Temagami Camp Wabikon 150 Pounds of Fish Temagami Wabikon Tents 1
Temagami, Cosy Corner at Camp Wabikon Temagami, Camp Wabikon Shoreline Temagami, Camp Wabikon 1935 Postmark Temagami, Camp Wabikon Beach 2 Temagami, Camp Wabikon, Birch Trail
Temagami, Catching a 42-Pound Lake Trout at Camp Wabikon 1 Temagami, Catching a 42-Pound Lake Trout at Camp Wabikon 2
Temagami Wabikon Dining 2 Temagami, Camp Wabikon Gazebo Temagami, Camp Wabikon Cottage Temagami High Rock 1 Camping Tent and Lodge at Camp Wabikon in Temagami, Ontario
Temagami Wabikon Dining 1 Temagami, Portage Bay as Seen from High Rock at Camp Wabikon Temagami, Canoeing at Camp Wabikon Temagami Camp Wabikon Fishing

Camp Wabun

Temagami, Camp Wabun Lodge Temagami, Camp Wabun Aerial Temagami, Camp Wabun Dock Temagami, Sailing at Camp Wabun

Camp Wanapitei

Temagami, Camp Wanapitei Temagami, Camp Wanapitei, The Chateau Temagami, Bridge Over the Red Squirrel River at Camp Wanapitei

Camp Wasaks

Temagami Camp Wasaks 1 Temagami Camp Wasaks 2 Temagami Camp Wasaks 3 Temagami Camp Wasaks 4 Temagami Camp Wasaks 5

Camp White Bear, located in the southwest arm of Lake Temagami, was a luxury resort before it became a youth camp in 1961. The camp closed in 1976, and White Bear became a cottage development.

Temagami, Camp White Bear 1 Temagami, Camp White Bear Porch Temagami, Camp White Bear Lounge Temagami, Camp White Bear Dining Room and Waitresses Temagami, Camp White Bear, Shuffleboard
Temagami, Alternate View of Camp White Bear Lounge Temagami, Camp White Bear Path Temagami, Bear Cub at Camp White Bear, 1969 Temagami, Camp White Bear 2 Temagami, Camp White Bear Lodge Exterior
Temagami, Camp White Bear, Dining Room

Camp Wigwasati

Temagami, Camp Wigwasati 1 Temagami, Camp Wigwasati 2

Dog Sledding

Temagami Dog Sledding Temagami Dog Sledding Temagami Huskies after Journey Temagami Dog Sled Team Temagami Husky Dog Team


Temagami Construction Temagami Winter Approach to Town Temagami Downtown Overview Temagami Outfitting and Cafe in Winter Temagami Outfitting Store and Cafe
Temagami Outfitting General Store Temagami General Store Temagami Outfitting Cafe Temagami Lloyd General Store Temagami Store of Little Things 1
Temagami Store of Little Things 2 Temagami Goddard Hotel and Post Office Temagami Goddard Hotel 1 Temagami Goddard Hotel 2 Temagami, Goddard Tea Room and Soda Fountain
Temagami General Store Temagami Shell Gas Station Temagami Aerial 1 Temagami Navigation Company Temagami Aerial 2
Temagami Approach to Downtown Temagami Highway 11 Temagami Looking West 1 Temagami Looking West 2 Temagami Northland Traders
Temagami Looking West 3 Temagami Aerial 3 Temagami Looking West 4 Temagami, Aerial Photo by Chuck Bond Temagami Outfitting Company
Temagami, Imperial Gas Station, Mileage Marker on the Ferguson Highway, and the Hotel Ronnoco Temagami Businesses Temagami, Looking South on the Ferguson Highway Temagami Downtown Seen from the Water Temagami, West Arm of Lake Temagami and Downtown, Aerial
Temagami, Looking West, Postmarked 1927 Temagami, Docks and Waterfront, c. 1960s
Temagami, Frost's Snack Bar 1 Temagami, Frost's Snack Bar 2  

See images from Bear Island and Temagami First Nation.

Ferguson Highway

Temagami Ferguson Highway Between North Bay and Temagami Temagami Ferguson Highway in Forest Reserve 1 Temagami Ferguson Highway in Forest Reserve 2 Temagami Ferguson Highway RPPC 1 Temagami Stream Crossing Ferguson Highway
Temagami Roadside Tourist Camp Temagami Tall Pines on the Ferguson Highway Temagami Ferguson Highway at Angus Lake Temagami Ferguson Highway RPPC 2 Temagami Ferguson Highway Heading South  

Finlayson Point Provincial Park — Finlayson Point offers a gateway to Lady Evelyn Smoothwater, and serves as a base for anglers, boaters, canoeists and hikers. Campgrounds and sandy beaches are available. A plaque honors Grey Owl, a well-known English conservationist who tried to morph into a Native American. From Finlayson Point, one can also hike to the Caribou Mountain lookout and fire tower.

Temagami, Provincial Motor Park with Motor Homes and Tents, c. 1930s Temagami, Finlayson Point, Government Park Picnic Area Temagami, Finlayson Point Marina at Inlet Bay Temagami Marina Temagami, Aerial View of Finlayson Point Provincial Park

Garden Island

Temagami, Planning a Shore Dinner at Ka-Kena Inn, 1938 Temagami, Garden Island, Ojibway with Infant in Kenagan, or Cradleboard Temagami Garden Island Husky Temagami, Garden Island Camp

The second vintage postcard from left, an RPPC (real-photo postcard) showing an Ojibway First Nation member with an infant in a kenagan, can also be seen on the Temagami First Nation page. Perhaps she had traveled to Garden Island — which is on Lady Evelyn Lake — and posed in a similar fashion, or the same image was recycled for use on a Garden Island postcard. We believe this is a Bear Island postcard, as seen first on our Temagami First Nation page.


Herridge Lake Lodge

Temagami, Herridge Lake Lodge 1 Temagami, Herridge Lake Lodge 2 Temagami, Herridge Lake Lodge 3

Hotel Ronnoco / Minawassi Hotel

Temagami Hotel Ronnoco 1 Temagami Hotel Ronnoco 2 Temagami Hotel Ronnoco 3 Temagami Hotel Ronnoco 4 Temagami Hotel Ronnoco on Ferguson Highway
Temagami O'Connor Steamboat and Hotel Co. Cover 1 Temagami Ronnoco Hotel Letterhead Temagami O'Connor Steamboat and Hotel Co. Cover 2
Temagami, Hotel Ronnoco 5 Temagami, Hotel Ronnoco Exterior Temagami, Hotel Ronnoco, End View 6 Temagami, Hotel Ronnoco Side View Temagami, Hotel Ronnoco 6
Temagami Minawassi Hotel Dining Temagami, Minawassi Hotel, or Hotel Ronnoco, at Night, 1952 Temagami, Minawassi Hotel 7 Temagami, Hotel Ronnoco 8 Temagami, View of Lake Temagami from Hotel Ronnoco Balcony
Temagami, Hotel Ronnoco 9 Temagami, Minawassi Hotel Restaurant and Room

Hutchings Cabins — First known simply as “the cabins,” then called Hutchings Cabins and then known as “White Top Cabins”

Temagami Hutchings White Top Cabins Temagami Hutchings Cabins Temagami Hutchings Cabins RPPC Temagami, White Top Cabins Temagami, Hutchings White Top Cabins, 1937

James Lake

Temagami Area, James Lake Camp

This c. 1945-1949 Azo real-photo postcard shows James Lake along Highway 11 (the Ferguson Highway). The sender wrote: “Arrived safely this evening. The wind is blowing hard which makes the lake rough, but Roy and Dad are out anyway. The lake is small though, and we can see them wherever they are. The fishing is supposed to be excellent here. Our cabin is down behind the main building on the picture. It’s really wild here — nothing else but forest for miles around. Lots of love, RJC.” The foreground sign on the camp property says “Cabin Drive;” a taller sign (along the roadside and beyond the white building) is illegible but similar in size and configuration to period gas station signs. Unmailed, the card is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sherryfelt / 365 Dravo Ave. / Beaver, PA.


Lady Evelyn

The Lady Evelyn burned in 1912.

Temagami Lady Evelyn Real-Photo Postcard Temagami Lady Evelyn 1 Temagami Lady Evelyn 2 Temagami Lady Evelyn 3
Temagami, Bass Fishing at Lady Evelyn Falls Temagami, Fishing in Lady Evelyn Country, 1940s Temagami, Fishing in the Lady Evelyn River

Matawabika Falls

Temagami, Full Moon at Matawabika Falls Temagami, Matawabika Falls Temagami, Lake Matawabika

McNulty’s Shining Wood Lodge

Temagami Shining Wood Lodge Temagami McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge Cabins Temagami, Fishing at McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge Temagami, Campfire Cooking at McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge Temagami, McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge Cabin
Temagami, Call to Coffee at McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge Temagami, Dishwashing at McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge Temagami, Pitching a Tent at McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge, 1 Temagami, Peeling Potatoes at McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge Temagami, Pitching a Tent at McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge, 2
Temagami, Main House, or Lodge, at McNulty's Shining Wood Lodge, c. 1950s

Ministry of Natural Resources — The Department of Lands and Forests (DLF), which existed from 1920-1972 (during the time period in which these vintage postcards were created) was a department of the Government of Ontario under the Ministry of Natural Resources. By 1964, the DLF tower was gone. Before 1920, the DLF was known as the Department of Lands, Mines and Forests, from 1906 to 1920; the Crown Lands Department from 1905 to 1927; and the Office of the Surveyor General (Upper Canada) from 1792 to 1827.

Temagami Fire Tower 1 Temagami Fire Tower 2 Temagami Fire Tower 3


Temagami Milne Lumber Co. Horse Logging Temagami Float Plane Temagami Narrows Temagami Lily Pads Temagami, The St. Lawrence at a Fishing Hole
Temagami Moonlight on the Montreal River Temagami 1941 Souvenir Folder Temagami in Winter Temagami Winter Carnival Temagami Islands 862 and 863
Lake Temagami Vista with Steamer Temagami, Boat House at Camp Sixatee on Island 680, c. 1940s to 1950s Lake Temagami Vista
Temagami Lake and Islands Temagami Islands Temagami Island View Temagami Campground Temagami Bartletts Point Bathers
Temagami Sunset Temagami Aerial RPPC Temagami, Lakeland Airways Float Plane Temagami Unidentified Camp Temagami Unwins Island
Temagami Bookmark RPPC
Temagami Cottage Temagami, We Blu Inn on Island 910 Temagami, Prospectors on the Montreal River Temagami, Rock Outcropping, Published by the Crawfordsville, Indiana Postcard Company
Temagami, Another Beautiful Ending to a Perfect Day Eloise the Car, Driven to Temagami in 1929 by Mac Dunkin and Arnold Winter Road in Temagami, Ontario McAdams Lake Camp and Canoes Near Temagami, c. 1901-1908

North Woods Camp

Temagami, North Woods Camp Lodge Temagami, North Woods Camp c. 1950s, Cleveland YMCA Temagami, North Woods Camp Main Dock

Ontario Northland Boat Lines (ONBL) and the Dock

Temagami Dock Office Temagami Picnic Excursion Temagami Buses at Northland Boat Lines Temagami Northland Boat 2 Temagami Northland Boat 3
Temagami Northland Boat 4 Temagami Northland Boat 5 Temagami Northland Boat 6 Temagami Northland Boat 7 Temagami Wharf
Temagami Northland Boat 1 Temagami Cruise Temagami Northland Boat Lines Cruise Ticket Front Temagami Northland Boat Lines Cruise Ticket Back

Other Cabins, Camps and Hotels

Temagami, Lew Del Temagami, Moonbeam Cabins Temagami, Guides Perc and Lou at the Grill on Clarke's Island Temagami, Dining Room in Lodge of Camp Ogama, c. 1924 Temagami, Rabbit Chute Camp
Temagami Happy Isle Cover Temagami Travellers Rest Cover


Temagami, Three Native Guides and Three Tourists Canoeing at the Portage, 1910 A Native Guide and Tourist On the Portage in the Temagami District, c. 1907-1915 Temagami Portage Temagami, Portage with an Indian Guide, c. 1903-1907

Railroad: The Temagami Station, a handsome stone structure with a Tudor architectural style influence, was built in 1907 by the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway (T. & N.O.), now an Ontario Crown Corporation known as the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC). Only two years later, the station’s interior was destroyed by fire; however, it was immediately reconstructed. An earlier frame station (later used as a restaurant) and a freight building shared the platform to the north; at the south end of the platform was a garden which had “Temagami” spelled out in flowers. The stone railroad station is all that remains of the complex.

The train station has undergone many alterations over the years. Originally divided into three sections, the main floor’s central core, with bay windows on the east and west façades, contained the railway office, signal equipment, telegraph, ticket counters and washrooms. The north and south waiting rooms, which were open to a cathedral ceiling, were reserved for ladies. Several alterations have occurred over the course of time. In the 1940s, false ceilings were added to waiting rooms as an energy-saving measure. The north waiting room and office areas were remodeled after a 1976 fire in 1976; the ladies’ waiting room began to be used for freight and general storage.

When the station’s agent retired in 1996, the ONTC requested proposals for operating the building. The ONTC chose the proposal of Claire and Richard Smerdon, who established the Temagami Station Restoration Trust to restore the train depot and keep it open to the public.

Temagami Train Station 1 Temagami Railroad Station RPPC Temagami Train Station 2 Temagami Grand Trunk Railway Station Temagami Train Station 3
Temagami Station Temagami, Steam Engine Approaches 1 Temagami, Steam Engine Approaches 2 Temagami Northlander Passenger Train Temagami Entrance in 1930
Temagami, Train Station Snapshot, c. 1930s Temagami, Train Station 4, 1909, Published by Arthur Stevens

Sheelers’ Lost Lake, or Chambers Lake

Temagami, Sheelers Lost Lake Camp, c. 1953

This c. 1953 real-photo postcard shows a charming cottage at Sheelers’ Lost Lake Camp (now known as Chambers Lake). The postcard contains valuable historical information on the reverse. Someone named Minette wrote: “This picture was taken at 9 PM in Feb. when Bill & Keller were here.” The postcard was sent to Mrs. F. S. Bartlett of Castine, ME. According to Pamela Glenn Sinclair’s Temagami Lakes Association: The Life And Times Of A Cottage Community, Keller Sheeler was a railroad executive in Pennsylvania, who canoed in the area in the 1920s with Adrian Newcomb. The first cabin was built on the island (number 2034 in Chambers Lake) in the 1930s. According to Sinclair, Keller built “five log sleeping cabins, three docks and a large ‘cook’ cabin replete with propane stoves, refrigerators and lights.” Mr. Sheeler’s son William, a stockbroker, (the Bill referred to by the postcard sender) married in 1948; Adrian Newcomb gifted the island to William Sheeler and his new bride, Mildred. William and Mildred Sheeler gifted the island to their daughters — Lynn, Dana and Anne — in 1978, and the island remains in the family, with William Sheeler buried at Lost Lake Camp following his 1992 death. Interestingly, the Sheelers are thought to be one of only two TLA property owners whose main cottage isn’t on Lake Temagami; with Gord and Doreen Lak owning the only cottage on Cross Lake.


Sports: Camping, Canoeing, Fishing, Hunting and Water Skiing:

1904 Grand Trunk Railway Advertisement for Hunting and Fishing in the Temagami Area

This graphically striking and early (1904) advertisement, 6 x 9 inches in size, offers sportsmen an attractive array of hunting and fishing options in the “Temagami Territory” — provided, of course, that they travel via the Grand Trunk Railway System. The ad boasted that the hunter would find plentiful moose and abundant bears, deer, partridges and ducks. For some unknown reason, caribou are also mentioned. For the fisherman, bass, pickerel, maskinonge (muskelunge) and trout abounded.

The Grand Trunk’s advertising network was extensive, sophisticated and geared in part toward luring vacationing Americans. The agents included T. H. Hanley of 360 Washington St. in Boston, MA; C. L. Coon of 285 Main St. in Buffalo, NY; J. H. Burgis of 249 Clark St. in Chicago; R. Bushby of 6 Burgess Block in Cortland, NY; G. W. Watson of 124 Woodward Ave. in Detroit; F. P. Dwyer of 290 Broadway in New York City; J. D. McDonald at Union Station in Toronto; J. Quinlan at the Bonaventure Station in Montreal; and G. T. Bell, general passenger and ticket agent in Montreal.

Temagami Cook-Out Temagami Trout Fishing Temagami Fishing Catch Temagami Water Skiing Temagami, Canoeing through New Ontario
Temagami Lady Canoeist Temagami Fishing in 1948 Temagami Deer Hunting Temagami Camping in 1936 Temagami Moose Hunting Camp
Temagami Lake Fishing Temagami, Canoeing by Moonlight Temagami Canoeing 1 Temagami, at the Train Station with Brook Trout Temagami, Good Fishing in a Canoe
Temagami Lunch Hour Temagami Canoeing 2 Temagami, Canoe Race 1 Temagami, Canoe Race 2 Temagami Mahogany Cruiser
Carefree Sailing on Lake Temagami Temagami, Dock in 1936 Temagami, Kayaks at an Unknown Location, c. 1924-1940s Temagami, Moose Hunting Temagami, Moose Hunting, Postmarked 1927
Temagami, 1929 Camping Trip, Labelled as Camp Temagami 1 Temagami, Getting Ready for Sailing Temagami, 1929 Camping Trip, Labelled as Camp Temagami 2

Steamships, including a c. 1920s to 1930s short silent movie showing tourists and businesses along the Temagami docks.

. Temagami Steamer at Hotel Ronnoco 1 Temagami Steamer at Hotel Ronnoco 2 Temagami Harbor 1 Temagami Belle Steamboat, c. 1906 Temagami, Steamboat Keego 1
Temagami Devil's Island Steamboat Temagami Devil's Island by Moonlight Temagami Belle Captain Marsh Temagami Belle Steamboat 2 Temagami Steamboat 2
Temagami Belle Steamboat 3 Temagami Belle Steamboat with Schedule Temagami Aubrey Cosens Steamer 1 Temagami Aubrey Cosens Steamer 2 Temagami Belle Steamboat 4
Temagami Lake Steamer 1 Temagami Lake Steamer 2 Temagami Steamers Temagami Steamships RPPC Temagami Steamer at Hotel Ronnoco
Temagami Aerial View of Steamship Temagami Harbor 2 Temagami Lake Steamer 3 Temagami Docks Temagami, Steam Yacht Iona
Temagami Belle Steamboat and Temagami Dancing Pavilion, 1935 Temagami Belle Steamboat 5 Temagami, Steamboat Keego 2 Temagami, The Iona, c. 1924-1949 Steamer Belle Leaving Temagami, Postmarked 1926 in Goward, ON
Temagami, Steamers on Lake Temagami Temagami, Steamer Belle Leaving Timagami Station

Tall Tale and Exaggeration Real Photo Postcards

Temagami Fishing Exaggeration 1 Temagami Tall Tale Deer Hunting RPPC Temagami Fishing Exaggeration 2
Temagami Fishing Exaggeration 4 Temagami Fishing Exaggeration 5 Temagami Fishing Exaggeration 6 Temagami Fishing Exaggeration 7

Temagami Inn

Temagami Inn, Temagami Park Cancel 1

This scarce real-photo postcard of the Temagami Inn is unusual in that it bears a “Temagami Park” cancel. A one-cent green “Admiral” stamp of King George V helps date the postcard to no earlier than 1913, when the stamp was issued. The postcard was published by Rumsey & Co. of Toronto; Rumsey was particularly active in the Nipissing District in 1914. The unknown sender, writing to Mrs. F. L. Welland of Sharon, Massachusetts, said: “Here we are — away up in the Canadian forest. 300 miles north of Toronto…These lakes are beautiful. We stopped at our landing this a.m. where there were many Indians.” Interestingly, the Library and Archives Canada searchable database of post offices and postmasters lists the name of this post office as Timagami Park rather than Temagami Park as seen in the cancel. Henry C. Reilly and W. D. Hamilton both served as postmasters of the Temagami Park post office in 1913, while M. C. Scanlon was postmaster from 1914 until the post office closed on 1 December 1922. Other vintage postcards of the Temagami Inn are seen below.

Temagami Inn, Temagami Park Cancel 2
Temagami Inn, 2 Temagami Inn, Ontario Walkway Temagami Inn, 3 Temagami Inn, Dining Room Temagami Lodge
Temagami Inn Wharf and Boat House Temagami Inn Outbuildings Temagami Inn Grounds Temagami Inn 4
Temagami Inn 1 Temagami Inn Wharf and Boat House, 1926 Temagami Inn, c. 1930s Temagami Inn Grounds with Rustic Gazebo and Cottage, c. 1924 Gathering at the Temagami Inn, Postmarked 1930
Temagami Inn 5 Temagami Inn, c. 1922, With Sign Saying Ojibway Wigwam Temagami Inn, Verandah Temagami Inn 6 Temagami Inn in 1919
Temagami Inn 7 Temagami Inn, Postmarked 1911 Temagami Inn, Postmarked 1907 Temagami Inn, Private Postcard Published by The Curtis, Defoe Co. Ltd. of Haileybury, Ontario
Temagami Inn, Patriotic Bunting, c. 1924 Real-Photo Postcard Temagami Inn, Verandah with Hammock Postcard


Temagami Black Bears on Highway Temagami, Chased by a Moose Temagami Deer in Winter

Old antique postcards tell the stories of North Bay, Temagami, Bear Island, Bonfield, Callander and Corbeil, Commanda, the Ferguson Highway (Highway 11), Lavigne and Verner, Marten River, Alderdale, Monetville and Noëlville, Nipissing Village, Powassan and Trout Creek, Sturgeon Falls, Sundridge, Trout Lake, Restoule, South River, Tilden Lake, Tomiko Ontario, Dokis, Rutherglen, Trout Mills and other areas of interest. Enjoy the story of Frederic Remington’s moose hunting trip near Mattawa, on an Indian-guided hunting expedition over 100 years ago, or see an 1880s Orangemen parade from over a century ago. We also have a rare collection of New Ontario Brewery artifacts.

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