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We Buy Postcards

  • Do you appraise postcards?
  • It’s not possible to offer online appraisals of postcards, even based upon scans. For security reasons, we also don’t open unsolicited e’mail attachments or view any images otherwise attached to or located within e’mail. Please see our postcard collecting, Postcard Price Guides and Canadiana pages for more information on vintage postcards. If you require further assistance, contact us via (webmaster – at sign – vintagepostcards dot org)> to discuss appraisal fees and arrange for an appraisal. Please don’t send unsolicited postcards or other paper materials; we can’t be responsible for them nor are we responsible for paying return postage on unsolicited materials.

    Folks, we get dozens and dozens and dozens of requests a month from people wanting to know the value of “just one postcard,” or a very few postcards. Perhaps you’d enjoy a selection from the postcard books page.

  • Do you buy antique postcards?
  • Yes, we do. Please contact us at webmaster at sign vintagepostcards dot org and briefly describe the postcards and we’ll take it from there on a case-by-case basis. Postcards must be in good condition — not musty, excessively water damaged, excessively soiled or torn, etc. To put it simply, not all postcards were created equally. Please do NOT send unsolicited packets of postcards, as these will only be returned at our discretion. By sending unsolicited postcards to us, you acknowledge that you’ve read this FAQ.

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