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Northern Ontario Postcard Photographers:
   Canadian History in Vintage Postcards


North Bay Snow Queen Contestants This is an ongoing project to document Northern Ontario photographers, many if not most of whom published postcards (especially real-photo postcards) as well. The dates given are known time periods in which the photographers worked, although it’s quite likely that they worked additional years as well. Highlighting in vintage postcards the history of towns and townships in the greater Lake Nipissing and Lake Temagami areas of Northern Ontario, Canada, including the Nipissing District and portions of the Parry Sound district which are in the “Blue Sky Region.” These Canadian postcards are shown in digital, virtual museum format for educational purposes. If you have images or historical information which you’d like to share with our virtual museum, feel free to do so. To navigate these pages, mouse over the top navigation bar. Drop-down menus will appear of the areas of interest. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Close the larger image before opening another thumbnail. The occasional duplicates for sale can be found using the search box on the main (home) page of This is an ongoing project; comments and questions to the webmaster at webmaster - at sign - are welcome.

Please note that while you are certainly welcome to visit the virtual museum as often as you’d like (and we encourage you to do so), these scans are owned by and, as such, they are not to be re-used or re-purposed in any way, for any other reason — including use on another website, on social networking websites, in brochures or print-outs, etc. — without our prior express written permission. Under the terms of the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act), such use without permission constitutes copyright infringement and intellectual property theft. We hate to have to make that so clear, as we want you to enjoy the museum and we put these images up due to our love of Canada, but the actions of a few have prompted this notice. For further information, please see the footer of this page.


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Allard, Michele of Mattawa

Mattawa, Skiing at Mount Antoine

Contemporary, c. 1990s to 2008.

Annabelle Studio of Huntsville

Smoke Lake, Algonquin Park

Working in cottage country and Northern Ontario c. 1940s to 1950s, and perhaps as early as the 1920s.

Arthur Lane Studios of Toronto

North Bay Lincoln Motel

Real photo roadside motel postcards in North Bay in the 1950s.

Asch, unknown location

Temagami Camp Wabikon Aerial View

Worked in Temagami in the 1950s.

Bamforth, T. H. of North Bay

Known to have worked in North Bay between 1901 and 1903.

Barker, J. F. in Temagami

Temagami Wabikon Sunset by Barker

Working in Temagami c. 1931.

Barrett, Richard of Powassan and Trout Creek

Documented in Powassan between 1904 and 1925 and also sold dry goods/fancy goods and had a confectionery. In Trout Creek from 1897 to 1899 and 1901 to 1903.

Bean, ? of unknown location

Marten River, Main Lodge at Bill Pozniak’s Camp

Working in the Marten River area in the 1960s or 1970s.

Berg, Morgan of North Bay

Documented in 1924.

Bernard, J. H. of Sturgeon Falls

Sturgeon Falls Hugh Stack and Jack Larocque Fishing at Abitibi

Mr. Bernard operated the Amateur Art Studio in Sturgeon Falls in 1938, when this picture was taken.

Bickmore Studio of Bracebridge

Temagami Reserve Indian Women

Real photo postcards of Temagami Indian Reserve, c. 1904-1918.

Bond, Chuck

Temagami, Aerial View by Chuck Bond

Working in Temagami c. 1970s. This is a TemPriColor postcard published by the Temiskaming Printing Co. of New Liskeard.

Brooks, R. J. of North Bay

Worked in North Bay between 1897 and 1900.

Burke, Perry

Mattawa District Museum at Explorers Point in Mattawa, Ontario

Working in Mattawa c. 1980s.

Canadian National Railways in Callander

Callander Waltonian Inn

Worked in Callander c. 1910, taking this real-photo image of the Waltonia and perhaps other inns and attractions, to promote tourism in the area.

Canadian Post Card Co. of Toronto

North Bay Fishing Exaggeration

Created real-photo “tall tale” images from at least 1910 through the 1940s, onto which the town name was superimposed, the North Bay example to the left being from 1926. See the Wisconsin Historical Society’s web page about photographer Alfred Stanley Johnson and the American Museum of Photography’s page on “trick” photographer William H. Martin for an explanation of the photographic process used.

Cassidy, Al in Sundridge

Sundridge Layolomi Beach Inn

Working in Sundridge in the 1960s, with at least one image published by Cassidy’s Photo Studio of Gaspé, Québec.

Charron, Bruno of Mattawa (c. 1869 - ?)

Cabinet Card Photo by Mattawa Photographer Bruno Charron, c. 1889, of the Napoleon Fink Family

Barber and photographer, working in Mattawa between 1882 and 1922. In the 1891 Canadian census, Bruno Charron’s age is given as 32. Originally from Québec, he was a son of Hillaire Charron and Cecile (née Brunet) Charron. In 1886, he married Marie Georgina, 32, also from Québec and a daughter of Moise Mayer and Lucie (née Minor). Charron and his wife are buried in St. Anne’s Catholic Church cemetery in Mattawa. Read more about this photographer.

Collins, Jacob of Sturgeon Falls

Known to have worked in Sturgeon Falls between 1907 and 1913.

Cossette, J. M. of Repentigny, Québec

Sturgeon Falls Lincoln Motel

Working in Sturgeon Falls and Corbeil in the 1970s, when this roadside Canadiana motel was photographed.

Crawfordsville Post Card Mfg. Co. of Crawfordsville, Indiana

Camp Acouchiching and the Tempagmi Fur Company, Pre-1922, as Photographed by the Crawfordsville [Indiana] Post Card Mfg. Co.

Does anyone know why the Crawfordsville Post Card Mfg. Co. of Indiana was in Temagami prior to 1922, taking photographs? This real-photo postcard shows what appears to be a canvas-covered cedar strip canoe and is labeled “Canoe and Guide.” The image was taken at the Temagami Fur Company, which owned Camp Acouchiching. The sender wrote: “We are now at the farthest point north that we will go. We are more than 800 miles from home. We were at _____ _____, forty miles south of here, for two days and caught some fish.” The postcard was sent to J. J. Stout IV of Xenia, Ohio.

Currie, Ralph of unknown location

Temagami Northlander Passenger Train

Aerial photographer working in the North Bay and Temagami area, c. 1984, with this image published by Alex Wilson Publications of Dryden, Ontario.

Eckert, Gerald of North Bay

North Bay Glenwood Motel

Photographed at least one roadside Canadiana motel postcard in the 1970s in North Bay.

Elliott, J. C. (Johnston C.) of Temagami

Temagami Aerial

Photographer working in Temagami in the 1950s, with at least one aerial roadside Canadiana postcard published by Forder of North Bay. Was the Temagami postmaster, 1955-1972. Retired to North Bay.

Fanta, J. Julius in Temagami

Temagami Deer Hunting

Faulkner, J. C. (John C.) in Sundridge (1843-1932)

Sundridge, Ontario Cabinet Card, c. 1880s, of Mrs. Howse, Photographed by J. C. Faulkner

John Crosby Faulkner (25 April 1843 to 16 February 1932) worked in Sundridge between 1889 and 1907, and is also documented there between 1914 and 1920. He operated a photography studio and fancy goods store on Main St. and is listed in the 1895 Gazetteer and Directory pubished by the Might Directory Co. of Toronto. He was married to Jennie (née Stewart), whose name is spelled Jannie in the census but Jennie on her headstone. Mrs. Faulkner was born on 13 April 1846 and died on Christmas Eve in 1918. They had no children. Both are buried in the Strong Cemetery in the Parry Sound District. The cabinet card to the left dates from approximately the 1880s. Cabinet cards were popular from the 1860s through the 1890s. On the reverse is a pencilled notation saying “Mrs. Howse.”

Faulkner, Lilley of Sundridge (1889-1986)

Sundridge Baptist Church Sundridge, Lilley Faulkner c. 1881 Photograph of Settler with Bucksaw, 1906 Postcard Postmark

J. C. Faulkner’s younger brother, William J. Faulkner, Jr., operated a bakery and confectionary store on the west corner of Paget and Main Sts. in Sundridge. (John Faulkner’s photography studio was a few doors west on Main St.) William, Jr. was listed as a baker in the aforementioned Gazetteer. Sadly, his bakery burned in 1903. In the 1891 census, William, Jr. (age 40) and his wife, Saphronia (age 38) are listed as having three children: Louis, age 10; Henrietta, age 5; and Lillian, age 2. Lillian (Lilley) became an excellent photographer under her Uncle John’s tutelage. By age 17, she was producing notable images such as the nicely detailed 1906 real-photo postcard of the Baptist Church seen at top left. The fascinating 1906 postcard at bottom left of an early settler places a photographer in Sundridge as early as 1881; however, it’s not known if John Faulkner lived there at the time and Lilley was unborn when the original image was made. A notation on it says: “A Native of Sundridge 25 Years Ago.” The photographer’s 1881 negative was apparently recycled as a postcard in 1906. Postmarked in Sundridge, this antique postcard was sent by W. McFadgen to Miss G. Murdock of Toronto.

Lilley was also an accomplished musician, playing the piano and organ, first for the Methodist Church and then for Union Church (United). In 1928, the Faulkner photography studio became the Sundridge telephone office, with Miss Lilley Faulkner serving as manager. Lilley died in 1986 at age 97. Her place of interment isn’t known. Her father, William J. Faulkner, Jr. (1850-1905) is buried in South River Cemetery, as is her brother Louis (1881-1908). We appreciate Keith Thornborrow’s assistance in fleshing out these two early Northern Ontario photographers.

Forder, William R. of North Bay (1915-2002)

Forder was active in the North Bay, Trout Lake, Sturgeon Falls, Callander, Corbeil, South River and Mattawa areas from at least 1948 through the 1980s, with apparently some involvement in Dionne Quintuplet postcard publications in the 1990s. His trademark images are real-photo postcards and roadside Canadiana images of Main Sts. and motels. His sister, Hilda Lillian Forder (1920-2001), often posed in real-photo and chrome postcards of his. Many of his images can be seen on the North Bay page.

North Bay Maple Leaf Photo Service 1 North Bay Maple Leaf Photo Service 2

In the 1950s, Forder operated as the Maple Leaf Photo Service, as seen in the advertising postcard to the left which shows a Lake Nipissing beach scene. In the 1940s, he also apparently sold label dispensers, as seen in the PECO images to the right. More biographical information is sought. Did he receive formal photography training? If so, where?

North Bay Maple Leaf Photo Service 3 North Bay Maple Leaf Photo Service 4

Fox, Ernest William of Sturgeon Falls (1882-1962)

Ernest W. Fox, Formal Portrait at Fox Studio

Documented in Sturgeon Falls, 1922-1925. Mr. Fox was born in Medonte, Ontario on 2 August 1882. He grew up in Victoria Harbour, near Midland, moving to Niagara Falls, Canada in Spring 1908 to pursue a photography career. According to the Niagara Falls section of a 3 April 1908 edition of The (Welland) Tribune, he had accepted a position with the Slater & Miller studio. One of his jobs was to photograph tourists at the Clifton Incline Railway, or funicular, which carried tourists to the “Maid of the Mist” tour boat landing. Slater & Miller probably had the contract with the railway, although the 1910 Niagara Falls City Directory (NFCD) lists Fox as being directly employed by the Clifton Incline Railway. This elegant formal portrait was taken in February 1920 at the Fox Studio at 7 Centre St. in Niagara Falls. The top hat adds a nice touch to the composition.

Ernest Fox in Drag, Slater and Miller Studio, Niagara Falls Ernest Fox Against Studio Backdrop of Frozen Niagara Falls

Fox worked at Slater & Miller until at least 1911, when this Azo real-photo postcard, or RPPC, was made picturing Fox in a humorous moment, dressed in drag and posing against a Niagara Falls backdrop. In 1919, Fox opened his Centre St. studio, where he would work until his 1922 move to Sturgeon Falls. The 1923 NFCD shows that “The Fox Studio” has changed its name to “The Centre Studio” and the Fox family no longer appears at 43 Bender Street (see below). The second image shows photographer Fox against a studio backdrop of the frozen Niagara Falls. Studios of the time offered a variety of backdrops from which customers could choose when having their portraits made. The frozen falls were a dramatic and logical choice for local studios.

Backdrop subjects were only limited by the imaginations of photography studios and their customers, with some of the more popular choices including railroad themes, cowboy themes and an improbable aviation theme, all shown below. Another popular choice was “the man in the moon,” in which customers were seated in the curve of a smiling crescent moon.

Burlington Railroad, Studio Backdrop Faux Dueling Cowboys, Studio Backdrop English Aviatrix, Studio Backdrop

Ernest Fox's Wife, Mary Jane, with Baby Miriam Until his 22 June 1910 marriage to Mary Jane Mohan of Victoria Harbour at St. Patrick’s Church (on Victoria Ave. in Niagara Falls), it’s believed that Fox boarded at 15 Walnut St. The couples’ two children were born at home, in their apartment in the Brookfield Block at 8 Centre St. (The building later housed “Horror Manor” and now is home to “The Spicy Olive” restaurant.) Their children were daughter Miriam Agatha (mother of Frank Foley, referenced below), born on 16 September 1911, and a son, Ernest Francis Shirley, born on 1 March 1913. In 1915, the family was living at 19 McGrail Ave., where Mrs. Fox operated a dressmaking shop out of the home. The 1921 NFCD shows them at 43 Bender St.; only the Bender St. home is gone. In this 1913 Slater & Miller Azo Tri 1 real-photo postcard, we see Mrs. Fox holding the baby stroller with 16-month-old Miriam in it, and two of Ernest Fox’s sisters, including Gladys Fox. The photo was taken in Victoria Harbour.

Ernest Fox's Relatives at the Victoria Harbour Home

Several Fox family relatives pose on the front steps of the family home in Victoria Harbour, in this c. 1908-1911 Azo Tri 1 RPPC. It, too, bears the Slater & Miller imprint from Niagara Falls. We show these as interesting documentation of the fact that just because an RPPC indicates a town name for the photographer, it does not necessarily mean that the subject photographed was anywhere near the photographer’s studio.

Ernest Fox's Sisters, Greta and Gladys

Here’s a 1919-1922 real-photo postcard of two of Fox’s sisters, Greta and Gladys, included because the card bears the imprint of Fox’s own Niagara Falls studio on the reverse (above the scrapbook remains).

Ernest Fox Studio Imprint, Niagara Falls
Ernest Fox's Sturgeon Falls Photography Studio Sturgeon Falls, Across the Street from Ernest Fox's Photography Studio

We believe that Fox may have bought out photographer Irmand LeBel, who left for New York, circa 1922, the same year that Fox arrived in Sturgeon Falls and opened his King St. business. Fox’s modest studio is shown in a 17 June 1924 image, captioned “E.W.F., Sturgeon Falls Ont”. Below the picture of the studio is a charming image of a wintry 24 February scene (no year given) of a sleigh and ponies. What intersection is shown in the background, and what building was this? Fox’s studio building was demolished; the location is now a parking lot for Theoret’s Funeral Home at 119 King St.

Ernest Fox at Unknown Intersection, Sturgeon Falls Ernest Fox in Sturgeon Falls with Daughter Miriam Ernest Fox's Father, James William, in Sturgeon Falls Ernest Fox's Photography Studio Stamp, Sturgeon Falls Ernest Fox's Children, Miriam and Frank, Ready to Go Skiing in Sturgeon Falls

Above, (left to right), we see our man about town on 10 August 1924, camera in hand, with the intersection of Queen and Main St. looking northeast behind Fox. The building housed a wholesale warehouse at the time; writing on the building identifies the owners as Mageau and Serré. In the second image, the photographer and his daughter Miriam pose in front of his studio, skis in hand. There’s a note on the reverse from Frank Foley estimating the date as 1929 or 1930, which would extend Fox’s known length of stay in Sturgeon Falls by several years. The center image shows William James Fox, father of the photographer, posing in a great fur coat on New Year’s Day, 1923. This, conversely, pushes the presence of the Fox studio in Sturgeon Falls back a year, to 1922. Notice the Ernest Fox stamp on the reverse. The last picture shows Miriam with her brother, Ernest Francis, who went by the name of Frank, outside of the Fox photography studio.

Sturgeon Falls, Queen and Main Intersection in 2007

The same intersection of Queen and Main where Fox posed in 1924 is seen in a 2007 photograph taken by Michael Patry. The heavily remodeled Mageau and Serré building now houses an insurance agency.

Sturgeon Falls, King St. in 1924 Ernest Fox at Bishop's Palace in North Bay

At top left is a Fox photo of downtown King St. as seen on 10 August 1924. Fortunately, Fox liked to date his images, making our job easier. Two months earlier, on 10 June 1924, he’s seen in North Bay with an unidentified man, with the Bishop’s Palace and the Pro-Cathedral forming the backdrop. The license plate on the unidentifed driver’s car is Ontario plate number M-843. This second photo placing Fox in North Bay is interesting in that, as a photographer, he probably had an acquaintanceship with other contemporary North Bay photographers such as Morgan Berg, Alex and J. A. Noel, Orval Whyte, and perhaps Erhard Sieber.

Sturgeon Falls Tall Tale Postcard

There is an interesting family oral history, passed down over the years, regarding Fox’s prowess at “manipulating negatives.” We can’t help but wonder if he was one of the undocumented “tall tale” or “exaggeration” photographers who worked, probably on a contract basis, for the Canadian Post Card Co. of Toronto, which produced many tall-tale postcards, examples of which are seen on the North Bay, Sturgeon Falls and Temagami pages. A Sturgeon Falls example is to the left.

Ernest W. Fox, Formal Portrait at Fox Studio

The year of his departure from Sturgeon Falls is uncertain, but photographer Fox then seems to have abandoned his photography career, moving to Kirkland Lake and working at the Kerr-Addison mine as a caretaker. He’s seen to the left at Kirkland Lake on 11 October 1943 at age 61, still sporting a camera. In the last photograph we have of him, he poses with niece Marge Belfry in 1949, still with camera in hand. Ms. Belfry was 5 feet, 4 inches tall; Fox appears to have been about 5 feet, 2 inches tall. He died in May 1962 and is buried in Sudbury. Sadly, many of his photographs and all of his camera equipment languished in an Ottawa attic before ultimately being discarded, with the exception of photographs which Fox’s grandson, Frank Foley of Berlin, Maryland, and his wife, Patt, rescued. Many of the rescued images can be seen at the Niagara Falls Public Library, in the Historic Niagara Digital Collections. Many thanks to Frank L.W. Foley and Patricia M. Foley for generously making this material available.

Photographer Ernest Fox in 1949

Gervais, Hubert of Sturgeon Falls

Sturgeon Falls King St. Aerial 3

Documented in Sturgeon Falls c. 1980s.

Gillespie, George & Co. of North Bay

Known to have worked in North Bay between 1905 and 1909, and was a photographer for the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway (T. & N.O.). The railroads were not unaware of the power of photography to promote settlement and commerce.

Gough, Lloyd of South River

Daub's Housekeeping Cottage at Nipissing Village, Photograph by Gough in the 1940s

Razor-sharp focus distinguishes photographer Lloyd Gough, who was working in Nipissing Village in the 1940s when this CKC real-photo postcard was made showing Daub’s Housekeeping Cottages, which were owned by Lela and Ervin Daub. Gough also worked in South River, and is retired there.

Hamelin, John of Ottawa

North Bay, Torbay Lodge Cottages on the Shores of Lake Nipissing

Hamelin, whose address was 79 Melrose in Ottawa, was working in North Bay in the 1950s, as seen in this vintage postcard of the Torbay Housekeeping Cottages at 585 Lakeshore Drive. Thurlow and Velma Guppy owned the Torbay at the time.

Hunter, Archibald of Sundridge

Documented in Sundridge in 1888.

Irwin Specialty Co. of Toronto

Temagami Tall Tale Deer Hunting RPPC

Documented in Temagami in 1952.

Lavallée, Omer in Nipissing Junction (North Bay)

North Bay Nipissing Junction ONR

A noted railroad historian, especially of the CPR, and member of the Order of Canada, with at least one image taken in North Bay.

LeBel, Irmand of Sturgeon Falls

Sturgeon Falls Downtown

There was a wonderful photographer in Sturgeon Falls, c. 1908-1911, named Irmand LeBel. He is also known to have worked there between 1914 and 1922. The LeBel Photo Gallery was on Main St., across from Le Petit Québec Hotel, and relocated to King St., before the photographer left for New York.

Leiffer, Len in North Bay

North Bay Main St. West Wyld

Worked in Mattawa and North Bay, as far north as Temagami and as far east as New Glasgow and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Additional information is sought.

MacLean, Alex of Haileybury

Temagami Lily Pads

Noted photographer who published hundreds of Temagami images on postcards, working from at least 1909 to 1959. There is a collection of his photographs at the Haileybury Heritage Museum. Sometimes seen spelled as McLean.

Manitou Studio in North Bay

Black Bear at Tee-Bo Camp

Worked in North Bay in the 1940s, producing CKC real-photo postcards.


McNeill, John of Sturgeon Falls and North Bay

Sturgeon Falls King St. RPPC

This c. 1940s real-photo postcard image from Sturgeon Falls was taken by John McNeill, occasionally seen spelled on North Bay and Sturgeon Falls postcards as McNeil. He was an award-winning photographer who worked for the North Bay Nugget in both Sturgeon Falls and North Bay before going to work at The Globe and Mail in Toronto.

Noel, Alex P. and J. A. of North Bay

North Bay Mission Cigar Store

The two Noel brothers worked in North Bay together between at least 1916 and 1925, with the town of North Bay paying J. A. Noel the sum of $7.00 for photographs to promote upcoming Old Home Week festivities, as per minutes of the 8 July 1925 town meeting. J. A. Noel also worked in North Bay between 1904 and 1916, prior to partnering with his brother.

Northern Publishing Co. of North Bay

Approach to Callander

Little is known of the Northern Publishing Co. thus far, other than that they seemed to specialize in publishing materials related to the Dionne Quintuplets, as per this c. 1934-1939 real-photo postcard with an Azo Square stamp box, and a 1935 book entitled Administering Angels of the Dionne Quintuplets authored by Mesdames Legros and Labelle.

Norton, Clifford of Cleveland, Ohio

Father Duquette in Mattawa, 1943

Working in Mattawa in October 1943, when he took this picture of Father J. N. Duquette posing in front of a log cottage.

Oakman, Harry R. of Peterborough (? - 1997)

North Bay Pinewood Park Motel A pioneer in Canadian commercial aviation and one of the country’s most noteworthy aerial photographers, Oakman, owner of the Peterborough Post Card Co., worked locally in North Bay, along the French River and in Mattawa and Sturgeon Falls, often taking aerial and motel images, c. 1940s-1960s. One of his 1950s real-photo postcards is shown below, in the deckle-edge image of Kirk-Kove on Big Gull Lake near Arden, ON. It is distinguished by an Oakman logo bearing the image of an airplane at bottom right. Mr. Oakman founded the Peterborough Municipal Airport, which grew from a 1950s airstrip he built on farmland which he purchased that was south of town. His postcard company produced approximately 200 million postcards. For his pioneer aviation efforts and Canadian tourism promotion via postcards, the Peterborough airport terminal was renamed as the “Harry Oakman Building” in 1999.

Arden ON Oakman RPPC Arden ON Oakman RPPC Close-Up

Oakman used custom-made cameras he designed which allowed him to fly and take photographs simultaneously. In the 1960s, he was commissioned by Brewer’s Retail to photograph every Ontario city and town which had a “Beer Store”; to this day, many framed, poster-sized prints from this series decorate “Beer Stores.” He was featured in a 1994 issue of Kegs and Cases, the Brewer’s Retail magazine. Oakman was also a Canadian boat racing champion and a tool and die maker. He lived on Cameron St. in Peterborough, keeping his plane sometimes at Little Lake and sometimes along the Otonabee River near his home. He worked nationwide as a bush pilot and aerial photographer. His photographic collection, purchased by an Oshawa cartography company, Map Art Corporation, is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

W. P. in Corbeil and Field

Black Bear at Quae Quae Camp near Corbeil

Full name unknown, but we’d like to know. W. P. worked in the North Bay area in about 1956, the date when this real-photo postcard was posted from Quae Quae Camp near Corbeil. Another W. P. real-photo postcard of a white-tailed deer was made for Lalonde & Piché of Field and is postmarked 1950.

Patterson, Bill in Golden Valley

Little River Lodge at Golden Valley, Ontario

Working in Golden Valley in the 1950s, with the Little River Lodge postcard published by Alex Wilson Publications of Dryden.

Pelett, Alex J. in Callander

Callander Lookout Terrace Motel

Worked in Callander in the 1970s, with the Lookout Terrace image published by Alex Wilson Publications of Dryden.

Perron & Marsh Navigation Co. of Temagami

Temagami Cook-Out

Steamboat navigation company publishing at least one Temagami real-photo postcard in 1930. The actual photographer of this postcard is thus far unknown, as Perron & Marsh would have selected a local professional photographer to take the picture.

Peterborough Post Card Company, The

See Harry R. Oakman entry.

Photographic Survey Company, The (Toronto)

Restoule, Lake Restoule Inn

This aerial real-photo postcard of the Lake Restoule Inn at Restoule, Ontario was published by the Canadian Post Card Co. of Toronto and lends further credence to the idea that the company contracted with photographers to produce images for them. The front of this postcard says: “Photo by Photographic Survey.” In the late 1940s or early 1950s, when this postcard was made, the Photographic Survey Company was part of the Hunting Aviation Group of Toronto. The company flew the first commercial helicopters in Canada in 1946, and were often involved in crop-spraying services in southern Ontario.

Polar Studios of North Bay

North Bay Lavase River at Champlain Park

In business for many years in North Bay and still going strong.

Quirt, Preston R. of North Bay

North Bay Fur Carnival Mascot

Retired from law enforcement, he photographed the North Bay Winter Fur Carnival in the 1960s and 1970s.

Railton’s Photography of North Bay

North Bay Snow Queen Contestants

Studio on Main St. W. in the 1940s, specializing in portraiture and commercial photography, with at least one 1946 Winter Carnival real-photo postcard. Upstairs over Silverstein’s Menswear and (F. J.) Martyn & Son Undertakers. Now known as Railton’s Camera Centre and located at 143 Main St. W.

Reid, Wayne in Mattawa

Mattawa, Main St. in the 1990s

Working in Mattawa in the 1990s.

Richardson, Stan of North Bay

North Bay St. Rita Catholic Church

A North Bay history buff who took several c. 1940s and 1950s images.

Rideau Air Photos of Seeleys Bay

North Bay Chinese Restaurant 2

Took at least one North Bay aerial view of the Golden Dragon, as well as a South River aerial.

Robson, Thomas & Co. of Sturgeon Falls

Sturgeon Falls Northern Belle Steamboat

A dry goods/fancy goods company publishing RPPCs between 1900 and 1907, including this 1905 image of the Northern Belle.

Ross, E. W. & Co. of North Bay

North Bay, Orange Parade, 1884

Working in North Bay by 1884, as seen in this photograph of the 1884 Orange Parade. Read more about the Orange Parade.

Sangster, Allan of Ashley & Crippen, in Trout Lake

Allan Sangster, Camp Ontario on Trout Lake

Sangster, working for the Toronto firm of Ashley & Crippen, took this 1936 photo of Camp Ontario at Trout Lake. Ashley & Crippen was founded in 1915 and its photographers did travel throughout Ontario taking portraits in earlier times, but the bulk of the company’s business has always been in Toronto.

Scott, ? in North Bay

North Bay Fuzzy at Tee-Bo Camp

Scott took the c. 1940s real-photo postcard of “Fuzzy,” a black bear at Tee-Bo Camp, which was located where Collins Drive meets Highway 11 North.


Sieber, Erhard E. of North Bay

North Bay Mackey House

Worked in North Bay between 1911 and 1919, with this private postcard postmarked in 1911. Mr. Sieber moved to North Bay and opened a photography studio after the c. 1908 fire in Burk’s Falls destroyed his business. A real-photo example of Sieber’s work is sought. Many thanks to Mr. Sieber’s niece, Joan (née Boe) Mackay of Lansdowne, ON for providing additional information for this entry.

Simpson, J. A. of North Bay

Documented in 1892.

Smith, ? in Temagami

Temagami Hutchings Cabins RPPC

Real-photo postcards of Temagami, c. 1924-1945, with most images from the 1930s. Learn more about dating real-photo postcards, or RPPCs, on the postcard collecting page.

Smith, Carleton of North Bay

North Bay TNO Canadian Centennial 1

Had a special interest in railroadiana and steam engines in particular, taking at least one North Bay postcard image.

Sterling Photos of Cornwall

North Bay Villa Motel

Roadside Canadiana, including North Bay motels in the 1950s and Callander and Mattawa real-photo postcards.

Stewart Studio of Orillia

Temagami Outfitting Cafe

Roadside Canadiana, including Temagami real-photo postcards in the 1930s.

Strang, John A., Jr. of South River

Strang is believed to have migrated north from the Fergus, Ontario area around 1900. (Fergus is in Wellington County, about 25 km north of Guelph on the Grand River.) Strang, his wife and son Maxwell left South River sometime after 1912. His four-year-old son, Donald, died in 1912 and is buried in the South River cemetery. Returning to Fergus, Mr. Strang is known to have written a newspaper column, Behind the Wheel, for seven years, ending during World War II. The rest of his family (father, mother, brothers and sisters) remained in Joly Township and the Sundridge area. Photographer Strang often visited his family in Joly Township, bringing his camera along. Examples of Strang’s work are sought. Many thanks to Keith D. Thornborrow of South River for sharing this information.

Sweet, Ozzie of York Center, Maine

Ozzie Sweet Portrait

Mr. Sweet, now 88, was photographed at age 85 on 30 December 2003 by Michael Penney, of Michael Penney Photography in Rollinsford, NH. Mr. Penney, who specializes in fine art giclée printmaking and fine art photography, kindly agreed to lend us his Ozzie Sweet portrait. The scope of Mr. Sweet’s Northern Ontario photography is currently unknown, although one image is seen on the North Bay page and a hunting image of Sweet’s was used to illustrate a c. 1950s Tilden Lake postcard advertising Shea’s gas station. Both postcards were published by Forder.

Considered the preeminent sports photographer of his generation, Sweet’s other subjects have included Willie Mays (a 1954 Time magazine cover), golfer Jack Nicklaus, prize fighter Rocky Marciano, hockey superstar Bobby Hull, Roberto Clemente, baseball great Jackie Robinson, boxing legend Joe Louis, Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin, Floyd Patterson and entertainer Arthur Godfrey. His photographs have been published in nearly 1,800 magazines including Field & Stream, Look, TV Guide, The Saturday Evening Post, Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Ebony, Boy’s Life, Cosmopolitan, Sports Afield, Family Circle, Young Miss and Modern Photography. He photographed the bulk of Sport Magazine’s covers between 1949 and the early 1960s.

Born in 1918 in Connecticut, Sweet grew up not far from Lake Placid and the Canadian border, at New Russia, New York. Having moved to Los Angeles to study art and after apprenticing in a Long Beach photography studio, Sweet landed a role in Cecil B. DeMille’s movie “Reap the Wild Wind”, starring John Wayne. He came to the attention of Hollywood gossip columnists Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper and then parlayed that publicity into a recurring cowboy role in Hopalong Cassidy movies.

Drafted into the U.S. Army Signal Corp in 1942, Corporal Sweet gained photography experience and one of his images appeared on the cover of Newsweek that year. By the time he left the military in 1947, he had several other Newsweek covers under his belt and went to work full-time for the magazine. By 1948, he had struck out on his own as a freelancer.

Thomas P. Orr, Sweet’s photo editor at Newsweek, once described Sweet as “the Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth of the magazine cover business.” Two books were published about his photography, including the 1991 Legends of the Field: The Classic Sports Photography of Ozzie Sweet and Mickey Mantle: The Yankee Years: The Classic Photography of Ozzie Sweet. In the 1970s and 1980s, several wildlife photography books of his were published. Now in his mid-80s and in semi-retirement in York Harbor, Maine, Mr. Sweet primarily photographs antique automobiles and animals for use in calendar artwork, although in 2005 his book called The Boys of Spring, celebrating baseball’s spring training season and containing photographs he took in 2003 and 2004, was published.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY displayed his work in the winter of 1993-1994, he was honored in 1991 as one of “Photography’s Grand Masters” by Vanity Fair, and a 1941 image shot at Camp Callan, California entitled “Shipping Out” was on the cover of Tom Brokaw’s book, The Greatest Generation, which paid tribute to the heroic efforts of WWII soldiers.

Thatcher Studio of Bracebridge

Temagami, Ferguson Highway at Angus Lake

Working in the Temagami area c. 1924-1949, as documented with this Ferguson Highway image (left) taken near Temagami (Highway 11). In the 1960s, Ed Thatcher of Thatcher-Winger Associates Ltd. of Utterson, ON photographed the scene at bottom left which bears the name of Hettrick’s Store of Restoule on the reverse. A similar scenic view, postmarked in Nipissing in 1970 and offered by Hoffman’s Store of Restoule, lists the photographer as merely Thatcher Studio, again with the Utterson location for Thatcher Winger. These two views are likely scenic stock photography, not necessarily representative of Restoule but sold to tourists for their visually pleasing images.

Stock Photography for Hettrick's Store of Restoule Stock Photography for Hoffman's Store of Restoule

Vachon, George of Sturgeon Falls

Kervin Houseboat at West Arm, Lake Nipissing, Photographed by George Vachon of Sturgeon Falls, Ontario in 1924

This photographer was publishing Sturgeon Falls real-photo postcards in 1924. A George Vachon is listed as having served in World War I, at the North Bay and Area War Veterans web page. Further biographical information on George Vachon is sought.

Walsh, Tom of Owen Sound

Sunshine Motel at Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Photographed by Tom Walsh of Owen Sound

Working in Sturgeon Falls in the 1980s.

Whyte, Orval E. of North Bay

In North Bay between 1917 and 1924.

Wilderness Pictures of Sudbury

Marten River, Cabins on the Shore at Marten Lake

Working in the Marten River area in the 1940s, as seen in this CKC real-photo postcard.

Williams, N. of North Bay and Sundridge

Working in Sundridge in 1887 and 1888, and in North Bay by 1890.

Wilson, Alex of Dryden, ON

Mattawa, Valois Motel, Dining Room and Motel Room

Working in Mattawa in the 1970s.

Wilson, J. W. Co. of Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg

Trout Creek Roman Catholic Church

Working in Trout Creek and Sundridge, c. 1908-1911.

Winger Studio of Huntsville, Ontario

Algonquin Park, Killarney Lodge on Lake of Two Rivers

Working in Algonquin Park c. 1950s.


There are many more examples of Northern Ontario photography on the Alderdale, Bear Island, Bonfield and Rutherglen, Callander and Corbeil, Commanda, Dokis, Ferguson Highway (Highway 11), Lavigne and Verner, Marten River, Monetville and Noëlville, Nipissing Village and Restoule, North Bay, Powassan and Trout Creek, South River, Sturgeon Falls, Sundridge, Temagami, Tilden Lake, Tomiko Ontario, Trout Lake and Trout Mills vintage postcard pages. You might also enjoy reading about famous artist Frederic Remington’s moose hunting trip to Mattawa, which took place over 100 years ago. See an Orangemen’s parade from the 1880s, and our collection of rare New Ontario Brewery breweriana collectibles.

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